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Interview with Ruden_ka

This interview with  a wonderful and talented ukrainian girl  Elena. Her nick on Polyvore is Ruden_ka,  probably because she's pretty ginger:)))
Tell us a little about yourself.
It is a really hard question. I’m Lena, 27yo, tennis trainer  from Odessa. I’m redhaired, that is really rules my world.))  I’m interested in fashion and art. Course it is really makes our lives more interesting and colorful, really beauty safe the world. So I’m trying to look after connections between fashion and the world events.  And at least I’m in the cat team)))
Describe your tastes and sympathies in art, fashion, design. Which style prevails in your sets?

I can’t say, that I’m prefer only one or two art style. It depends on my mood and on what I’ve seen last time, on emotions, you know. It could be primitive art, like last time and Engr’s picture or thms.  In design I prefer retrofuturizm, like style for living in. It is perfect and homey, like me.
In fashion I choose  mixedup style. Bright or sparkle top with jeans, girly dress with wool cardigan or boots. In my sets, I try to show as many styles as I can. It is like mirror of my emotions and taste. Last time I make a lot of street style sets, it is of the most interesting styles for me. Street style open a lot of opportunities to express yourself in fashion, I think.
Do you like to communicate with other artists at the Poly? Who do you think makes her/his work in a style similar to yours?

Oh yes, communications it is really one of the important things on Polyvore, like for me.  It is so interesting to communicate with people from other countries all over the world. We all different, but have a common passion for art and fashion. Is’nt it cool?  I don’t even know, I make a fashion sets mostly, so a lot of polyfriends has a common sets, in that styles, like I do, or they do. We all fire eachother sets, I think.

You can name your favorites on Poly?
 A lot of favorites, but I choose some names. I totally in love with hole Корицева  sets- it is really amazing person, I love Eggata’s, Egyptian Girl, Kateblossom’s,  ZinaThePuma, nadiya is a trendsetter work ets, ets. I impressed with hole   IRENE ERIN projects.
What do you think about the competition, which has won? You have been interested in this topic?

I think it is really stimulus for doing better and better sets. I’m really interested in this, couse  it is inspired me for doing smth new.
Tell us a little about the city. which you live and your work. How do you relax?

I was born and live in Odessa for hole my life. It is really especial city. Or you totally in love with or you hate it. Odessa gave a second live for Grease, and hole life for Israel. It is r free and multinational city with his oun anything unlike culture, really reach for talented people, like Anna Ahmatova, Mihail Gvanetsky, Vera Holodnya, Isaak Babel, Leonid Ytesov. Even Sylvester Stallone’s grandgrandmother was from Odessa. And it is really beautiful city, we have one of the most Beautiful in the world Opera house.
Your idol is ...

My idol is my mother, she was really most stylish woman I've seen in my life. Unfortunately she is not with us for  14 years.
What inspires you to create your wonderful works?

A lot of different things. A new song, or movie, or the weather behind the window, works of my Polyfriend, contests, some fashion sites ets, ets. Polyvore it is the way to express my feelings and my style, and field for fashion experiments
Do you like this blog? What are your suggestions for topics that are interesting to you?Do not forget to subscribe ???:))))
Yes I like it, couse I’m enjoying to read about polymembers, and see some interesting works. I think that is spotlights- it is really cool idea.  I’m already subscribe.)))
Thank you very much!!
Some of Ruden_ka's works

See more of Ruden_ka's works here http://polyvoreunofficialblog.blogspot.com/2009/12/spotlight-onrudenka.html

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