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Interview with Mythical

Today we have interview with Mythical - the winner of Jazz album contest, the girl from USA with  the perfect art style in her sets...
Tell us about yourself
I am just a regular teenager, I guess. I live in the northern US. I can be described as very witty and I love to laugh. I enjoy spending time with my friends and family. My ambitions include mostly art and literature related things. I enjoy biking and playing volleyball. I can spend all day taking pictures, and editing them, reading and drawing. Having ambitions and dreams are what keep me going, and I believe that the possibilities are endless with an open heart. Pursuing the arts is incredibly important to me, and though everyone says kids grow up too fast, I think that greater opportunities lie in store for me when I reach college and the world beyond then. Describe your tastes and sympathies in art, fashion, design
When it comes to the actual physical art pieces I enjoy realism and illustrations. Such as being a fan of Norman Rockwell's work. Also I love impressionism pieces such as Monet and some post- impressionism like Vincent van Gogh and lastly Neo-impressionism, such as Georges-Pierre Seurat. But my favorite modern day artists consist of: Lawrence Yang. Banksy. Greg Craola Simkins. Amy Sol. Jaime Zollars. Aya Kato. MC Escher. and lastly Nanami Cowdroy. Some of these artists works are on polyvore, I have yet to make a set with them though. With fashion my tastes vary from street chic, with tinges of vintage. Also mixes of boho chic and a little indie. I adore Chanel, But I find all styles of dress intriguing as well as all styles of art. When it comes to design I love contemporary/modern design
Which style prevails in your sets?
The art style that prevails in my sets are abstract in some senses with elements of realism.
Do you like to communicate with other artists at the Poly?
Yes, of course! I have made many close friends on polyvore and their view and ideas are always inspiring. Who do you think makes her/his work in a style similar to yours?
I don't think I can name anyone whose style is similar to mine, because every person has such a unique and individual style. The realistic, emotional, nature and surrealistic aspects may be used to describe my sets, but never do my sets lean to just one of those aspects. Mean that it would have to be a combination of members on polvyore. If I were to take parts of poly-peoples styles such as Cinderella412, KATARINA-KAJA, majak, MoonLotus, Diamar21 and ♥Angie♥, maybe my style would emerge?
You can name your favorites on Poly?
  The talent on polyvore is always inspiring and refreshing. I only dream to have the same creative talent various people have on polyvore. Wow there are so many favorites I have, definitely including everyone I listed above. I will never be able to name all of them but some of them consist of: Envisager, Pegitup, Katjuncica, Almasa, Lic3ly, tata janashia, reZZi, mafe96, Lauren*star, Zacarata, Minaplume, ғяeaкy, fashion goddess,☆Rag Doll☆, _ofelia_,♥missjojo♥, Pensive Peacock, HyperHippie™, EatsLoveForBreakfast, iDolly™- Authentic, Latsy , angie1972, Collagr, Dassybella♥, RluvsG, мεεмεгѕ←♥, Xrissa, PiaPia, Taylor Sterling ™, Rosydy, little flower✿, PaisleyBear☺, Ally-wa, ♪ Cecilia ♪, pirate-vampire!! [: , Elle ♪♫, *i <3 jasper and taylor*, The Mum, shakehips_notfists, Carology Eats Danger, ッℓίνε✿ίȶ✿uР✌, WhatTheDuck?, @LeSsiA, *sp*az*ie*, soft grass ☼, ˙·٠•●♥ LadyInkஜ, Camila Rose, Maestro, dynamic superstar™, ❀Amy.Es̫mE❀̫ and I have recently discovered your great works of art!
What do you think about the competition, which has won?
I think the competition was very versatile when it came to the certain styles of jazz and types of jazz you could of explored. I don't enter many competitions, and this one proved especially fun.
You have been interested in this topic?
I did a little jazz dancing when I was younger, and my mom loves jazz. Also last year I studied a little about Blues, and Jazz beginnings as well as the major jazz musicians. From those points, I would say I had been interested in the topic.
Tell us a little about the city. which you live and your work.
  I won't tell you the city name, sorry. But the city is pretty small and truthfully not that exciting. But I do live in the state of Michigan, the Lower Peninsula not the Upper. Michigan isn't as well known for famous things, but it is home to the Cereal City and Motor City. The 'great outdoors' explains Michigan pretty well. Paddling, camping and fishing are pretty popular, and I think Michigan proves a beautiful state, especially when you see the lakes. I don't work, due to the fact that I am a teenager. But I plan to major in Interior Design, Painting or Drawing in college. I usually paint in watercolors, and draw people, most recently I have been focusing on faces. Also, I love writing, and publishing a novel sometime, most likely later in the future, would be a dream come true.
How do you relax? I usually relax by drinking hot green tea, reading and writing poetry. Also listening to musical artists Rachel Yamagata, Ingrid Michaelson and The Hush Sound and some James Morrison.
Your idol is...
My idol is my recent English teacher. Her independence, values and youth are inspiring to me.
What inspires you to create your wonderful works?
I'm always inspired by my fellow poly-pals, my studies and current events, movies, music, literature, and definitely my emotions. My family and values also play a role in the inspiration.
Do you like this blog?
I love the idea of it being 'unofficial.' The many different types and styles displayed in sets posted on this blog make it versatile, it's great!
Thank you so much!
Some of Mythical works

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