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Styles: Art Deco

Let's talk about design styles...

Art Deco (Art Deco, Art Deco) emerged as the style in the years 1908-1912, and reached a peak between 1925 and 1935 years of the last century. The name comes from a kind of shortening the title of the International Exhibition of Decorative Arts and Crafts Exposition Internationale des Art Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes, held in 1925 in France. And now the term as shorthand for the artistic style, Art Deco was in 1966, the year after the revival of this exhibition in Paris. 

Prior to that, a style called "Jazz Nouveau", "zigzag modern", "sleek modern" - the latter term refers to forms, which were based on streamlined silhouettes of cars, ships and aircraft.

In the heyday of Art Deco is widely spread in the U.S., France and other European countries. This style, combining classical nature, asymmetry and straightforwardness. At the same time he continues to favorite themes and motifs of Art Nouveau - the sinuous line, an unusual combination of expensive and exotic materials, images of fantastic creatures, the form of waves, shells, dragons and peacocks, swan necks and languid women. Art Deco known as one of the styles, connecting the unconnected. This style rejects asceticism, a stranger to minimalism, he deliberately targeted in the past, tends to luxury and is often embodied in a combination of the exotic and primitive arts. 

Interior in Art Deco style can be modern and unusual combination of oriental and Indian motifs, elements of the old with brand new masterpieces of art. Using both the neo-classical forms and streamlining, grace and playfulness of decoration in modern style, Art Deco is the embodiment of monumentality and elegance. Today, this style is considered synonymous with luxury and efficiency. 

Proponents of this style of ignoring the mass industrial production of goods, they choose an exclusive manufacturing items. In favor of the valuable items and expensive materials - snakeskin, ivory, bronze, crystals, exotic wood. Favorite Accessories - unusual works of Egyptian, African, Chinese and other exotic crops. Interior in Art Deco style can be as elegantly classical and expressive-ethnic. The main thing - it glamor, brilliance and luxury of bold combinations.

The interiors, decorated in Art Deco style, often do not have a finished composition, and the sum of individual components, each of them - or the exclusive work of art.

For interior Art Deco is characterized by straight and broken lines, clarity and graphic quality forms. From the materials used fabric, glass, bronze, ceramics, rugs with unusual geometric designs. In addition, well-suited fans, fountains, walkways, wrought-iron grilles. The furniture is mostly of light wood, trimmed with leather. For finishing widely used marble, glass and chrome plating for all types of household equipment. 

What began as a fascination with luxury and ornament, later Art Deco added to the elements of functional design. That this style is the creation of the first streamlined chairs and armchairs made of steel tubes. Expressive forms of "technical design" have been borrowed from the latest models of cars and locomotives. So today the latest types of audio and video are essential attributes of interiors in the Art Deco style. Plasma panels, home theaters combine beautifully with marble worktops and rich velvet drapes. Wooden furniture with chrome handles, glass surfaces and expensive leather, embodying the modern automobile and aircraft design - these sources of inspiration of this style. Plus all kinds of precious jewelry, smoking and drinking accessories, chrome-plated kitchen utensils. Art Deco - a flight of fantasy and the embodiment of luxury features.

Understanding the past is necessary before his return. In fact, we once again live in the era of Art Deco - the period between the wars. The feeling of an impending third world turns any act of art in the "feast on the eve of the plague." Hence, Art Deco has once again triumphant return to art, music, painting and architecture.

Art Deco - a demonstration of good taste. This style originated in France, hence its lightness and elegance. Inside art deco typically use an array of maple, ash, rosewood.  

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  1. interesting:)! and i can add that contemporary interior designers love the idea to use Art Deco style in combination with modern things!it looks great;)!