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Interview with Egatta♥

Today we take an interview with Egatta - a talented young architect and designer from Russia. Her style is characterized by mixing elements of floral and geometric shapes, pastel shades and bright colors, art and fashion ...
Tell me about yourself - work and rest.
I live in Moscow, in the city with their own soul, crazy rhythm and with beautiful historical and modern places and museums. I’m an architect and interior designer, I love my work; I love to know my clients are happy living in apartment that I designed. I always try to understand what people need to realize, their wishes and help to realize it through planning or style, color or may be almost invisible thing.
I’m an energetic persona, I love to rest doing something different from my main work, it can be something very interesting for me, usually it’s painting, designing special things – clothes, advertising posters, and the main between my additional works is jewelry & accessories design. Now I feel that the last one can involve me deeply in this subject and it can be my main work in future.
I love travel, I love to go somewhere for change atmosphere, to feel something new and turn home with new ideas. But I don’t like be a”mattress” on a beach, I like moving and looking for interesting things.
Generally I like to do all I can now, not to put off. And it’s better to try then all life sorry about not trying. I love the motto “who wants searches for the possibility, who don’t want searches for the reason”. I like dream, but i like to work on realization of that dream in possible short time too.
Describe your art and fashion senses. What is your style оn Poly and how did you know about it?
For me art is spontaneously expressed feelings and thoughts,
It’s only from my heart, from my feelings. And creative process always keeps my mood optimistic, because through art you can change your day, your life! Just create something that can makes you feel happy!
How I look in that moment, what I wear it’s a reflection what I feel and where I go. If it related with special place or with business of course my dressing should fit this case.
And wherever I go and whatever I do I always wear accessories - necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, scarves!may be just one and under my coat but it should be with me! I adore natural stones jewelry; I’m crazy about beautiful precious or semiprecious stones! i’m sure that no one don’t should be afraid to change your style & color preferences, it’s always chance to understand yourself better and also bring into your life a little intrigue ;)
I don’t have special name for my style in Poly, but I like to combine art and fashion. I love to do collages and this site is perfect possibility to use global internet resources for creating interesting compositions. Making any set is like fantasy travelling, firstly it is burn the idea, that little by little turn to clear conception where all things are thought out from style, form, color to meaning and the name. there are no rules there is only realization of dreems and fantasies!
About Polyvore I knew from internet when I was searching nice furniture for making a picture of children room for one of my projects! It’s like a happy destiny that the liked by me picture was in one of the polivorian’s sets
Tell about your favorites in art, music, fashion...so on
I have a lot of favorites in different styles; it’s difficult to choose what to say
I adore impressionists, I adore Italian Renaissance art, I like art nouveau style, classic, there are a lot of eclectic beautiful things. About fashion I adore feminine style with beautiful dresses from classic midi to pretty colorful mini, I adore jeans, shoes are my passion! I prefer light and bright colors or if it’s dark and strong thing I use bright accessories. I usually compose my own style combining things of different brands, and it not depends on price. I have some things in my wardrobe that looks chic, but they were bought or were sewn by my mother in 80’! Also if i couldn’t find something that my imagination show me I design it by myself and sew it with dressmaker.
There are a lot of my favorite designers like Christian Lauboutin, John Galliano, Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney, Sonya Rykiel etc. And last two years in Moscow grow quantity of Russian fashion designers. I’m surev they will be famous because they are very talented.
Do you have favorites on Poly?
I admire how many very talented people are there! Incredible! There I met a lot of friends and for me more that may be 50% of their sets are not only beautiful collages but really works of art!
It’s like a virtual museum of contemporary arts!there you can choose a set for any style,any taste and any mood!
What is your inspiration for your sets?
I inspired by beautiful things that I see around and by my feelings. And love is a great inspiration!  Love for youself, for your man, for your family, for your friends. This feeling do miracles and direct your mind for creating beautiful things. I love nature at all, and it always inspires me! As I said before I adore natural stones and I feel great power from them.
Do you have polyfriends with a similar style?
i can tell that all people have their own style also if they try to copy someone. Someday I with my friend bought together beautiful jeans the same brand, the same model, but now when we meet only we know that it is)) because we are very different persons and the same clothes looks on us different. So I see in every polyfriend an artist that has his own special appeal.
Do you like this blog?
I like this blog because I love the idea to write and read about interesting facts & things and of course about polivorians. With all my respect & love, Ekaterina Sorokina
Thank you dear!

Some of Egatta's works:

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  1. Молодец, Катерина!!! И красотка и умница и сеты отличные))) Я рада что мы polifriends))))

  2. I look for Egatta's magnificent work every day! I just love her sense of color & style!!

  3. I loved these collages! there is a lot: sense of color, style, and art... keep going Katerina! good job!))